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For the city- I mean nation

August 23, 2013

This post briefly examines coalition rhetoric across the two political dimensions. These are the economic and social spheres. This post wishes it could examine, in-depth, how elites frame their rhetoric towards drawing out specific reactions from their audiences by using their individual political credibility. For the Liberals, this implies ‘progressive’ forms of rhetoric, whilst for the Conservatives a more ‘market orientated’ form of rhetoric is utilised. Through emotive and/or logical language, it becomes possible for such elites to construct appealing rhetoric for their chosen audience. Central to both, however, is the national interest. The importance of the national interest overrides previous ideological concerns. For example, it enables the current coalition to claim governing legitimacy. Broadly defined, the national interest is conflated as the growth of capital, the promotion of ‘wealth creation’, enabling social welfare. In terms of the coalition, tied to this interest are economic and social reforms designed to promote a specific re-conceptualisation of morality rooted in more traditional values. Consequently, you could look at the reform agenda and form your opinions based simply on the language they use to describe and explain it. In any event, everyone is trying to do what’s best in the national interest.

I’ve lived here for 20 odd years now, in a city I adopt as home. Double consciousness aside, this is my home city. It helped raised me. It’s welfare programs are an attempt to manage the national interest of incentivising poor people to work. At some point I’ve got to go through the looking glass and have a friendly and pragmatic conversation. One has to try to understand better…
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